Floor & Wall Coverings

A complete Flooring Solution.

The wide range of shades and textures always in stock along with the
experience we gained over the years makes us the ideal commercial and transport vinyl flooring solution provider in the region.

Homogeneous and hetrogeneous vinyl flooring for:

  • Health care
  • Educational Institutes
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Pharmacueticals
  • Electronics
  • In-door sports facilities
  • Transport


The clean and contemporary range of designs are ideally suited to meet the demands of a modern retail environment, including shop floors, mall and store walkways and point of purchase areas.

Indoor sports facilities

High performance vinyl sheet sports flooring conforming to EN 14904, available in 6.7mm and 8.0mm thickness. Designed to perform safely and effectively in multi-purpose indoor sports facilities.


Attractive, high-performance, homogeneous floor covering. Polyurethane reinforcement to provide a lifelong, low-cost, polish free maintenance. Non-directional with neutral colors.

Safety Flooring

High performance safety flooring, which is highly recommended to be used in areas such as healthcare and education. Quartz crystals, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide particles incorporated throughout the full thickness of the vinyl to improve traction and safety under foot. Slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product.

Rubber Flooring

High grade synthetic rubber flooring for quietness.
Resilience and comfort underfoot.
Low profile rubber surface.

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding sheet featuring a subtle marbleized decoration.
Polyurethane surface treatment provides benefits in terms of hygiene and ease of maintenance. Designed to be welded to floor coverings, to provide a floor-to-wall surface that provides an excellent barrier to dirt and infection. Ideal for wet and hygiene – critical areas.


Easy-to-fit flooring accessories designed for use with most vinyl floor coverings. Sit-on and Set-in coved skirtings for attractive and hygienic finishing.

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