Chalmers Workshop-1

Chalmers Workshop-1 (CW-1) is located within the Dubai Investment Park in Dubai and is minutes away from Chalmers Design Centre & Workshop-2. This facility is the production centre for Carpentry and Flooring activities. The primary functions here are:

  • Steel and wooden furniture fabrication and assembly
  • Driller cabin fabrication
  • Sanding and polishing activities
  • Priming and coating activities
  • Warehousing & logistics

The mock-up cabins for Chalmers LQ projects are setup for viewing here.

For directions to this facility, please click here.


Carpentry & Joinery Activities

  • Bulkhead & deckhead paneling systems
  • Doors & windows
  • Cabin furniture and furnishings
  • Cold room constructions
  • Bathroom cubicles and ablution units
  • Special linings and consoles

Flooring & Coating Activities

  • Underlayments and fairing compounds
  • Seamless latex and epoxy / urethane coverings
  • Protective coatings and sealers
  • Non-skid and safety decking
  • Wet area deck toppings
  • Vinyl and decorative flooring
  • Epoxy linings and laminations
  • Wooden decking

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