Marine Electronics

In this age and time, reliable communication, safety and security systems are mission critical for the success of any project.

In the field of Marine Electronics, Chalmers specializes in providing design, supply, installation and commissioning of the following systems, but by no means limited to:





Fire & Gas Detection and Alarm
  • Addressable F&G detection and alarm system
  • HSSD / VESDA system
  • Clean Agent Fire suppression system
Public Address & General Alarm
  • Analogue PAGA system
  • Digital and IP based PAGA system
  • Redundant A and B system Integration
Local Area Network
  • Structured cabling including Copper and Fiber technologies
  • Wi-Fi and Wireless networks
  • VSAT & fleet broadband communication
Integrated Telephone System
  • Analogue based PABX system
  • Digital & IP based PABX system
  • Sound powered telephone / Battery-less telephone system
  • Talkback system
CCTV System
  • Analogue CCTV system
  • Digital & IP based CCTV system
Access Control System
  • Time & attendance system
  • Personnel tracking system
  • Entry/Exit door controlling
Entertainment System
  • TVRO / Satellite TV system
  • RF distribution
  • IF distribution
  • IP based TV system
  • Music / Home theatre system
  • Projectors and AV system
Navigation and Radio Communication
  • AIS
  • VDR
  • DGPS
  • Gyro compass
  • Magnetic compass
  • Autopilot
  • Echo sounder
  • Speed log
  • Anemometer & anemoscope (wind tracker)
  • HMS – Weather station
  • Non-directional beacon
  • Weather facsimile receiver
  • Airband fixed VHF
  • VHF & UHF portable radios
Fire Doors & Watertight Door Monitoring
  • Fire door monitoring and control, with mimic representation on bridge console
  • Watertight door and hatch monitoring, with mimic representation on bridge console
ICCP and Antifouling System
  • Hull protection from corrosion
  • Pipeline protection from corrosion and marine growth
Searchlight system
  • UV search lights
  • White search lights
  • Search and rescue, navigation, work light, oil spill detection

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