Carpentry & Joinery

Chalmers has expertise to supply and install all architectural works related to interiors of marine vessels and offshore platforms. Along with a team of over 200 skilled carpenters, extensive capacity is available to fabricate wooden, steel, aluminum, honeycomb and stainless steel 316L grade furniture in-house with state of the art equipment.

Activities undertaken include supply and installation of:

  • Wall panels – hardcore/softcore (B0, B15, A60, H120)
  • Freezer and chiller room panels
  • Ceiling panels (B0, B15)
  • Toilet modules
  • Raised floor and A60 floating floor
  • Window-bolted and welded type – A0, A60, H120 etc.
  • Marine class rated doors – B15, A0, A60 single and double leaf, H60, H120 etc.

In addition the above, Chalmers also specializes in the fabrication and installation of wheelhouse console and drillers cabin.

Our Clients