About Us

Our Philosophy

We are an engineering company. We are technically competent at everything we undertake or we are nothing.

We continuously strive to acquire the knowledge, systems, equipment and materials to enable us to deliver a superior product, economically, safely and on time.

Our minimum standard of performance exceeds the best expectation of our customer. As a result we have long-term relationships with customers. We demand the same from our suppliers as our customers demand from us and we encourage long-term relationships with suppliers also.

We are dedicated to individual training and team-building, to the motivation and retention of like-minded people, and to the continual improvement which puts us ahead of the competition and keeps us successfully in business.

Our greatest asset is our work force. In our relentless pursuit for perfection we demand high standards of personal conduct and trade proficiency. Initiative and effort are recognized. Achievement is rewarded.

The function of managers, at all levels, is to lead by example, to enable and to entrust those for whom they are responsible, and to ensure that objectives have been achieved by carrying out the necessary checks and tests.

We are committed to the practice of an Integrated Management System, which includes, inter alia, Quality, and Health, Safety and Environmental programmes.

We are a no smoking company.


S.A.M. Chalmers

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