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Chalmers is committed to its stakeholders – Shareholders, Employees and their families, Customers, Government, and Communities to conduct its business in a responsible, ethical manner which has sustainable positive impact.

  • A Toyota RAV 4 was donated in 2007 to the Lulworth First Responders, a non-profit volunteer organization, to assist them on their emergency calls in remote areas on behalf of the ambulance service. This replaced an old Nissan Primera which was not suited to access tough terrain along the coast.
  • Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund (Sep 2015) – Employees and Company contributions raised AED 100,000/- which was disbursed to the affected families of 13 Nepalese employees in pro-rata proportions to the damage suffered.
  • Medical Assistance was sponsored for young Nadiya (aged 7 years) for treatment of a rare disease called ‘Growth Hormone Deficiency’. Employees and Company contributions raised AED 16,560/- which was paid to the hospital.
  • Chennai, India floods (Dec 2015-Jan 2016) relief efforts were aided by Employees and Company contributions raised AED 55,200/- which was sent to accredited Disaster Relief organizations.
  • CSR assistance was rendered by Chalmers in the form of manpower skill and infrastructure to the Mahaweb Foundation for special adults.
  • As part of Dubai Health Authority’s ‘BE THE 1’ Campaign, Chalmers organized a Blood Donation drive at their Staff Accommodation on 30th May 2016 to encourage its employees to donate blood and to raise awareness about importance of this humanitarian initiative that directly helps save lives.

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